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We know Applyment can help your business speed up its growth of an amazing team. Below are a few ways how. Be sure to join the newsletter below and keep up with all the latest Applyment development news.

Mobile First Design

The U.S. will surpass 200 million smartphone users in the first months of 2016, and the world will reach 6.1 billion users by 2020. The numbers speak for themselves. The mobile first approach will increase submittals by providing a platform for applicants to quickly and easily apply.

Tailored Applications

Not only do we want the application process to be quick and easy for the applicants, we want you to get the information you need to make the best hire. That's why we have tailored out applications to meet your specific needs.

Rapid Hire Center

Pinpoint the right candidate by targeting for the exact person need. Have an opening for a manager? Only send out “Now Hiring” emails to those who have previously applied for a management position.

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