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Instant Employment Results

Designed for our fast-paced mobile world, APPLYment makes it easy to analyze new applications and hire your next amazing team member before your competition does.

Custom Tailored Applications

Our applications are custom tailored to fit your industry. Before you can hire the right person, you have to ask the right questions.

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Viablility Scoring

Our Viability Scoring was developed to help businesses quickly analyze applications in order to make well-educated decisions on hiring.

Mobile First

Mobile First Design

The mobile first approach will increase submittals by providing a platform for applicants to quickly and easily apply.

Custom Application Process

Not only do we want the application process to be quick and easy for the applicants, we want you to get the information you need to make the best hire.

Our Mobile First Approach

APPLYment's responsive platform allows applicants the ability to quickly and easily apply on any mobile device. No more worrying about printing out applications, or losing the ones already completed.

A Few Key Features

  • Engineered to function on all mobile devices.
  • The mobile application process was designed with easy of use in mind.
  • Get new applications emailed to you in real time, and beat your competitors to the hire.
  • Applications can be reviewed on your mobile device anywhere, anytime.
  • One touch call, text, or email applicants feature for quick & easy communication.

Easy Application Management

APPLYment's application management software can help you easily acquire and manage applications. Whether you have one business location or many.

  • Share applications between multiple locations.
  • Applications are securely and digitally stored forever. No more lost applications.
  • Our Viability Scoring system helps you analyze applicant information with just a glance.
  • Filter your applications to find exactly what you are looking for.
  • Performance reports allow you to analyze your recruiting efforts.

Applicant Status Tracking

APPLYment's platform lets you stay up to date with current and previous hires. There's no more confusion or wondering if the "other" manager reviewed the application.

With applicant status tracking, everyone involved in the hiring process can instantly know who viewed the application, when it was viewed, and leave notes for discussion.

Our Rapid Hire Center

Directed “Now Hiring” Email Campaigns

Rapid Hire Center allows you to access your database of stored applications as a powerful source for finding talent, NOW!

Pinpoint the right candidate by targeting for the exact person needed. Have an opening for a manager? Only send out “Now Hiring” emails to those who have previously applied for a management position.

What's included when your business signs up with Applyment?

Included in every new location set-up fee is unlimited cloud storage and our APPLYment Now Hiring Kit that will be mailed to every new business location which includes:

Window Advertisement

Double sided window cling

Business Cards

Applyment recruiting cards

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